Being avid cricketers ourselves we understand that choosing the right bat is difficult! It is because of this we supply and stock 3 profiles to suit all types of players. From wanting a featherlight or balanced pick-up, to where you want your sweet spot positioned. Whether you're a front foot or back foot player we hope to be able to guide you in selecting the perfect piece of English Willow.

Our profiles:

Duckbill (Red Rose in the image)
Our most popular profile! A balanced pick-up which aids protection towards the toe of the bat. If you are a front player who plays on slow English wickets then this is the bat for you! Enough power and precision in the beast to easily clear the rope.

Minimal Concaving (White Rose in the image)
Minimal wood is taken off the back of the bat to provide a lovely sounding ping! The edges are thicker and has a natural bow to the blade. A balanced pick-up, they are typically suited for dynamic, powerful hitters of a cricket ball. Once the ball is hit, it stays hit! The profile and shape of the bat is naturally likened in the ODI and T20 format of the game.

Full Spine (Black Rose in the image)
The bat is to ensure a lightweight pick-up. The spine runs through to the toe and the weight of the bat is maintained with slight concaving throughout. The sweet spot is positioned mid to high. They are most ideal for players who like to play off the back foot and for those who enjoy using their wrists to split fielders.


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